Secure Voice

Encrypted calls and Messaging. Your own server and branding. iOS, Android, Landline, PC, Mac.

VoIP Studio

Custom development of VoIP, Messaging, Conferencing and Video apps
Key Offerings

Secure Mobile Development

20 years of expertise in full stack, full cycle secure software development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Windows 10 IoT

Secure VoIP and Messaging

Custom VoIP, Video and Messaging solutions For iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac

Penetration Testing

Application and networks penetration testing 

5Pro Key Facts

20 years of expertise

customers from 28 countries

5 customers from Fortune 500 Global


Governments (in 3 countries) served


5 telecommunication companies


Global automotive companies
Special facts

5 days to make the first version

Our team needed only 5 days to make the first version of robotic telepresence software (including the piloting app)

9 years of continuous maintenance

The first version of 5Pro’s Secure Voice has been released and deployed 9 years ago. That instance is still being supported by our DevOps team

4 billion devices

Since we apply platform independent development approach, most of our apps can be launched on more than 4 billion devices.


5Pro Software started to develop at 2001. 20 years of innovations and excellence.

Actually we started to develop for mobile even before the appearance of first smartphone. Since that time, our team delivers software solutions which help growing businesses worldwide.


Technology Focus

Communication over IP

VoIP, text messaging, file transfer, video messaging, telepresence


“Top secret” communication and data exchange solutions. Pentesting, security enhancements services

Enterprise solutions

Database driven apps, flawless data sync solutions etc


Manual, automated and unit testing

Connected devices

M2M solutions providing remote control over data connection

Secure networks

Layer 2 data frames encryption, remore networks bridging
We are Pioneers in Secure Mobile Development

5Pro Software is a Germany based company specializing in secure mobile development and software security solutions. Our company has been on the market of mobile development since 2001.

We apply innovative cross platform software development approach which allows to speed up product release, save costs and simplify post-release product support and development. Such approach allowed us to release a number of market successful projects for iOS, Android, WinCE, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, and Symbian.

5Pro also concentrates on software security boosting using secure software development (Secure SDL) techniques applied at all development stages: from UI prototyping to development and release. Secure SDL provides significant benefits on the market since the competitive products usually fail even basic security tests.

Our clients include governments and big finances groups from all over the world, health care and military institutions, as well as telecoms, automotive and marine companies.

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