Secure Voice Platform

Encrypted communication solutions that is 100% controlled by customer.

Your Own Server

Put server in your office or place server in the nondisclosure datacenter

Encrypted point-to-point calling

HD audio engine that sounds better than popular VoIP apps in mobile networks

Secure messaging and file transfer

Point-to-point transfer, secure storage, 1-to-1 and group chat

Governmental Encryption Level

Multilayer, multifactor encryption that matches TOP SECRET requirements.


Available on iOS, Android, Landline, PC, Mac

Optimized for all networks

LTE, 3.5G, 3G, 2.5G, EDGE, WLAN, Satellite

OEM / Whitelabel solution

Your logo, your vendor name, your branding

Absolutely no backdoors policy

Code review on demand

Complete control

All system components accessed and controlled only by end user organization

Secure Voice works on Android, iOS devices and IP Deskphone

Secure Voice Devices

Top Secret solution


Top level ciphering

AES 256 (GCM mode) encryption; DH 8192 / ECC B571 key exchange

End-to-end encryption

Only the call or chat participants hold encryption keys

Mutual point-to-point authentication

Built-in Public Key Infrastructure system, certificate based authentication

Continous key updates

New encryption key exchange per each voice call

Backward and forward secrecy

Backward and forward secrecy

Protection from all known attacks

rMan-in-the-Middle, Replay and Mirroring attack protection

Secure Control Panel

Secure Control Panel to control your server and users


Custom functionality and encryption

Crystal Clear Voice

HD Voice Sound or “as good as network can survive” depending on network conditions


PKI based certificate management. Integration option avaliable

Messaging and Chats

Encrypted Messages and Group Chats


Optimized for usage over the Satellite network

Groups and Integration

Configure closed groups of users in the control panel. Integration option available.

Multi-factor authentication

SD Card HSM, NFC auth, second device, other options avaliable

Try Secure Voice

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